Dan & Lisa excitedly oversee construction in their first shop.

While pursuing successful careers in “Corporate America”, Curated's owners Lisa and Dan Gaynor dreamed about starting a business of their own. Dan’s corporate experience focused on such “left-brain” activities as developing business systems and processes, while Lisa’s background was firmly on the “right brain” side in creative marketing and public relations. Together, they knew they had they could create something really special. 

For years, Lisa had spent her free time haunting antique and woodworking shops, with Dan in tow. They talked to craftsmen, dealers and collectors, learning everything possible about well-built furniture and enduring style. Shortly after their move to Austin, they knew that creating an upscale furniture consignment showroom was the business they were meant to create.

Since Design With Consignment’s (now Curated) opening in 2005, The Gaynors found and recruited several highly talented and experienced Austinites who share their passion for fine furnishings and top-level service.  These professionals now round out the showroom’s team and give depth to the original mission--defining and living by a set of Core Values:

Our mission is to create and operate the finest, most reputable luxury furniture consignment shop on the planet.